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When playing pre-flop it's important that you mix it up between three-betting good hands for value and also three-betting weaker hands as a bluff. Poker/Personality - Wikibooks, open books for an open world These are the players that you don't want to try to bluff, because as bluffers themselves they will often turn the tables on you or look you up. Passive Aggressive: ... Picking your spots: When to bluff in poker | Online Poker Lowdown

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Tutorial: How to Bluff in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Bluffing is one of the most exciting elements in poker.They realize that most hands are not good enough to win the pot so they fold much more often than bad players.How Much Should You Bet? There are a couple things to consider when determining the amount to bet for your bluff.

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Calculating Pot Odds and How Often Your Opponent Has to Fold to Your ... Calculating how often you need a river call to be good for it to be better than folding: Your pot odds are the amount you have to call, divided by the size of the pot if you call. For example, if your opponent bets t100 into a pot of t200, the bet to call is t100, and the pot size if you call is t400. How often should I bluff in poker? - Stack Exchange Obviously bluffing is an important element of poker, and bluffing too often, or not often enough will negatively affect your winnings, but is there a rule of thumb for how often you should bluff? For

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One thing very important to know about poker math is how often our bluffs will be profitable or not. Do you guys know about it?? Just let us know in the... Simple Poker Bluff Math - SplitSuit Bluffing in poker is fun, but you can make it profitable too with some simple math. Learn how to calculate the breakeven percentage of your bluffs with ease! How to Bluff in Poker - PokerStars School Learn how to pick a spot for a bluff in this poker tutorial video. Join PokerStars School and build your bankroll with our special promotions. Should we bluff in Pot Limit Omaha poker? - Quora